Abstract. This inquiry aimed to determine the challenges experienced by non-English major teachers in teaching Senior High School English subjects and their utilized coping mechanisms. It also sought to determine the relationship between the challenges encountered and the coping mechanisms applied. Moreover, the study aimed to discover the differences between teachers’ baccalaureate courses, challenges, and coping mechanisms. The patterns and associations of the variables were ascertained by using descriptive-correlational design. The extent of challenges faced and coping mechanisms applied were revealed through the descriptive tool. Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient was used to know the relationship between the said challenges and coping mechanisms, and the differences between the variables and teachers’ baccalaureate courses were identified using the Kruskal-Wallis H Test. The study also employed the purposive sampling technique. The respondents of the study were the 50 teachers from Tanjay City Division, teaching in Tanjay City and Pamplona, Negros Oriental, Philippines. The researcher utilized a self-made questionnaire. The study revealed that non-English major teachers have challenges in teaching Senior High School English subjects specifically in the following areas: (a) teaching academic writing, (b) teaching writing one scene for one-act play applying the various elements, techniques, and literary devices, (c) teaching writing craft essay; (d) teaching speech writing; (e) selection of relevant resources specifically on choosing materials that are aligned in lesson objectives; and (f) deciding for curriculum-appropriate materials to use. The data also showed that online video tutorials, allowing colleagues/school heads/supervisors to observe their classes, and monitoring students’ performance are the most utilized coping mechanisms. The study concluded that despite the challenges encountered by non-English major teachers in teaching Senior High School English subjects, these teachers are still tough in facing their daily battles, which provide them chances to learn outside their comfort zones.

Keywords: English teaching; Senior high school; English subjects.