The Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives welcomes various types of papers, including original research articles, short communications, technical notes, review articles, and perspectives, spanning all disciplines, regardless of perceived impact. The peer-review process employed is a double-blind review, ensuring that both the reviewer and author remain anonymous to each other. Each article undergoes evaluation by two independent reviewers, directed by the editor-in-chief if aligned with the journal's theme.

Editorial Process

Reviewers are given 1-2 weeks to assess the manuscript, and their decisions guide the editorial team's subsequent actions. Upon receiving the manuscript with annotations for minor or major revisions, the author is responsible for making the necessary changes. For manuscripts accepted with major revisions, authors are granted 3-6 weeks for revisions, while those with minor revisions have a 1-week revision window.

In the final decision-making phase, the editor considers feedback from peer reviewers. Common decisions include:

  • Acceptance without changes: The journal will publish the paper in its original form.

  • Acceptance with minor revisions: The journal will publish the paper, requesting minor corrections from the author.

  • Conditional acceptance after major revisions: The journal will publish the paper contingent on the author incorporating changes suggested by reviewers and/or editors.

  • Conditional disclaimer to revise and resubmit: The journal is open to reconsidering the paper in another decision-making round after major changes are made by the authors.

  • Outright refusal (reject paper): The journal will not publish the paper or reconsider it, even if major revisions are undertaken by the author.