Research Article

Conformity of Female College Students on Feminine Norms

Jenny Grace G. Vibal*, Karylle Ann R. Derit, Kathleen Ryan B. Bobadilla, Ronalou A. Palco, Ruel B. Tucio


Gender norms persist and continue to draw generalized expectations of the sexes. Consequently, women must fulfill these expectations to be regarded and valued. The current research was designed to examine the links between women and conformity to the present feminine norms and determine the magnitude of their conformity when grouped according to college department, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Female college student respondents (356) completed the CFNI-45 scale, which measures their conformity to the nine sub-facets of feminine norms. As hypothesized, women's conformity is influenced by their accorded groups. Z-scores and ANOVA were used to determine the conformity level of female colleges and the difference in conformity between groups. The study revealed that female college students are average in conformity to sub-facets of thinness, investment in appearance, modesty, relational, involvement with children, sweet and nice, and sexual fidelity. In between average and above average to domestic norms and above-average conformity to romantic relationship norms. Religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status are linked to conformity to feminine norms. Results may contribute significant literature to understand women's conformity and the weight of gender norms.

Keywords: Feminine norms; Women conformity; College students; Gender schema

Conformity of Female College Students on Feminine Norms