Research Article

Developing a Community-Based Disaster Relief Management System


This study aimed to enhance disaster relief operations in Tuguegarao City by proposing a more efficient management system framework. Utilizing interviews and thematic analysis, researchers in 2017 identified problems in emergency management, such as inadequate equipment, budget constraints, and issues with relief distribution. The study highlighted confusion and political bias in relief operations, leading to mistrust in the local government. In response, the researchers developed a community-based Disaster Relief Management System (CBDRMS) framework, inspired by Foucault’s power/knowledge analytics. This framework emphasizes transparency, communication, and good relationships among LGUs, NGOs, and recipients. The proposed online system includes a portal and a Facebook Page for data storage and communication, aiming to empower stakeholders and foster discourse for effective disaster relief management. The researchers believe that this approach can overcome barriers, leading to development and improved disaster response.

Keywords: Disaster relief; Management system

Developing a Community-Based Disaster Relief Management System