Abstract. The study aimed to determine the effects of the Single-Entry Approach program on labor disputes as implemented by the Department of Labor and Employment in Negros Oriental Field Office. The researcher employed a descriptive-correlational design. The 120 respondents (60 requesting parties and 60 responding parties) were randomly selected clients who were involved in the SEnA program of the DOLE Negros Oriental Field Office. The researcher used a validated questionnaire to gather data and applied statistical methods such as percentage, weighted mean, mean, and Spearman’s rank order correlation coefficient. The findings revealed high awareness and satisfaction for both the requesting and responding parties, indicating a correlation between clients’ awareness of the SEnA program and their satisfaction levels. However, the fact that RFAs are still being referred to other agencies only shows that certain aspects of the program require more enhancement. Specifically, the client's awareness of the SENA program, communication effectiveness, and conciliation-mediation skills could lead to increased settlement rates and reduced referrals to the NLRC.

Keywords: Single-entry approach program; Labor disputes; Awareness; Settlement; Satisfaction.