Research Article

Enhancing Literary Comprehension Through Interactive Reading Assignment via Kahoot!


This experimental study examined the effectiveness of using Kahoot! game-based interactive reading assignments to enhance literary comprehension achievement among Grade 9 students studying Anglo-American literature. The study compared the experimental group with the control group using the conventional lecture method. Both groups analyzed two short stories - "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe and "The Country of the Blind" by H.G. Wells and took a post-test after four weeks. Results showed that the control group achieved relatively high levels of literary comprehension, but the experimental group using interactive reading assignments had higher percentages of very high-level achievements and lower percentages of low-level achievements. The conventional lecture method seemed less effective in promoting skills like making inferences, and predictions, and identifying unfamiliar vocabulary. On the other hand, the experimental group using Kahoot! showed positive outcomes, with a significant percentage of students achieving high or very high levels of comprehension across all assessed skills. A t-test analysis (t-2.12; p=0.03) revealed a significant difference between the control and experimental groups' literary comprehension achievements, supporting the effectiveness of incorporating interactive reading assignments through Kahoot! The distinct differences in literary comprehension achievements between the control and experimental groups emphasize the effectiveness of Kahoot! platform in enhancing student comprehension compared to traditional methods. Using platforms like Kahoot! for interactive reading assignments can create an engaging learning environment that improves students' literary comprehension abilities.

Keywords: Literary comprehension; Kahoot!; Interactive reading assignment; Reading comprehension

Enhancing Literary Comprehension Through Interactive Reading Assignment via Kahoot!