Abstract. Spirituality was reported to act as a source of resilience, particularly in stressful circumstances. As COVID-19 caused uncertainties that tested resilience, especially for those in the medical field, this study aims to explore the role of spirituality in the experience of resilience among staff nurses. Participants for this study were staff nurses in Northern Mindanao who have been working directly with COVID-19 patients and are all working in private hospitals in Cagayan de Oro City. Interviews were conducted online to gather data. For this study, interpretative phenomenological analysis was used to explore how participants make sense of their experiences of resilience. The main currency for an Interpersonal Phenomenological Analysis study is the meanings particular experiences, events, and states hold for participants. The data resulted in four core themes: (1) resilience through faith in the face of adversity, (2) spiritual relief in solitude, (3) finding peace through acceptance, and (4) compassionate service rooted in faith. The dedication of the medical front liners reflects the transformative power of faith in fostering resilience and solidarity within their spiritual communities. Their experiences emphasized the impact of spirituality in navigating challenges, cultivating resilience, and fostering solidarity amidst adversity.

Keywords: Resilience; Spirituality; COVID-19.