Research Article

Google Classroom for the New Normal Education

Jason R. Bugtong*, Charlie L. Salve, Violly Chyril S. Bugtong


This study investigated the effectiveness of integrating Google Classroom into distance learning for Grade 11 Oral Communication students at Lahug Night High School in Cebu City. Faced with Generation Z's technological proficiency challenging traditional education, the research emphasized Google Classroom's integration into the offline digitalmodular modality during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Education swiftly adopted online methods, with Google Classroom supporting diverse teaching strategies. The study recommended the app for download, ensuring accessibility for Offline Digital-Modular participants, establishing specific sections for seamless file sharing and discussions. It focused on Google Classroom's past potential to enhance academic performance and engagement among Generation Z learners, providing insights for shaping past educational practices in the modern educational environment.

Keywords: : Google classroom, New normal, Education

Google Classroom for the New Normal Education