Research Article

Information Technology Maturity Level of the Selected Barangays of the City Government of Santa Rosa, Laguna


This study focuses on the current status of the barangays under the Santa Rosa City Government in Laguna regarding their information technology maturity level. The maturity level of any organization indicates its readiness to adapt to changes and demonstrates its maturity against criteria from a framework or set of areas. The study will utilize the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework to develop pillars and statements for assessing each barangay. ITIL identifies maturity levels based on six levels (unidentified, initial, defined, managed, quantitative, and optimized). The pillars or areas of focus include E-government services, Technology Infrastructure, community engagement and communication, data security and privacy, and digital literacy and training. ITIL is a proven framework in the field of IT Management, as evidenced by research conducted by Potgieter, B.C., Botha, J.H., and Lew, C. (2005), which indicates that customer satisfaction and operational performance improve as the ITIL framework is implemented. Descriptive research was employed as the research design, and quantitative methods were used to collect data. The questionnaire served as the primary tool for the study. Barangays were selected as participants based on specific criteria. The study's results indicate the current status of the barangays and their corresponding level in each area. These findings will assist the city government in formulating the city’s development plan, information system strategy, and information and communications technology plan. The identification of maturity levels also contributes to the body of knowledge by enhancing understanding of the technology framework used and the current status quo of the city.

Keywords: Information technology management; IT maturity assessment; ITIL framework; Digital governance; Santa Rosa; Laguna governance; Quantitative descriptive analysis; Local ICT development strategies

Information Technology Maturity Level of the Selected Barangays of the City Government of Santa Rosa, Laguna