Abstract. This study aimed to support Tuberculosis (TB) advocacy and demand generation initiatives by documenting the experiences of selected population groups in Parañaque City, Philippines. It explored vulnerable populations' perspectives on tuberculosis, health promotion activities, challenges in maintaining health, and access points to health services and information. Through focus group discussions and key informant interviews, 22 elderly individuals, 18 tricycle drivers, 12 barangay health workers, and two public health nurses participated in the study. The findings highlighted various aspects of TB knowledge and awareness, including identification, risk factors, lifestyle, and treatment. The themes that emerged around understanding TB identification included perceived susceptibility, misconceptions, and treatment approaches. Participants' experiences underscored access to information and services, health-seeking behavior, and emotional responses regarding TB. Challenges identified included household situations, perceived stigma, and discrimination, shedding light on community attitudes. Varying perceptions of healthcare services were noted, with some valuing free services at health centers while others found access challenging. The study also underscores the importance of community TB knowledge, tailored healthcare, stigma reduction, and ensuring access to health programs, particularly for vulnerable groups. Advocacy recommendations include maximizing community-based information sharing through training, developing tailored health education approaches, and enhancing health literacy materials. Furthermore, advocating for flexible healthcare service delivery options, stigma reduction activities, and increased community engagement efforts are crucial. These measures are vital for effective TB control and improving overall community wellbeing, particularly in addressing the unique needs of vulnerable populations.

Keywords: Tuberculosis; Vulnerable population; Community engagement; Public health; Health promotion.