Abstract. This study aimed to determine mathematics teachers’ extent of utilization of strategies in terms of asking questions, analyzing situations, interpretation of data, and panel discussions in improving students’ critical thinking skills. It also examined the level of critical thinking skills of students as well as its relationship to the enumerated strategies. The researchers utilized the descriptive-correlation design and employed the systematic sampling technique in identifying the 320 junior high school respondents from grade 7 to grade 10 of the school year 2023 to 2024 of the four secondary schools of Lazi District in the Division of Siquijor. The researchers used adapted and validated questionnaires and employed mean and Spearman Rank Order Correlation for the data treatment. The findings revealed that the teachers’ extent of utilization in terms of the following strategies is “high”: (a) asking questions, (b) analyzing situations, (c) interpreting data, and (d) panel discussion. It was also found that the level of students’ critical thinking skills is “high”. The data further indicated that the mentioned strategies are significantly related to students’ level of critical thinking skills. These findings implicate that teachers are able to employ teaching strategies that are beneficial for improving the critical thinking skills of the students in the field of Mathematics. By incorporating these strategies, the teachers are creating an engaging and intellectually stimulating learning environment.

Keywords: Mathematics teaching; Teaching strategies; Critical thinking.