Abstract. The study used a descriptive-predictive research design to determine whether organizational climate can predict job commitment among staff nurses in government hospitals in Davao de Oro. One hundred staff nurses were chosen through quota sampling for the study. The study utilized adapted questionnaires to measure organizational climate and job commitment. The questionnaires were validated (CVI = 1.00) and tested for reliability, yielding Cronbach alpha results of 0.099 for organizational climate and 0.097 for job commitment. Findings revealed that most respondents were middle-aged female nurses working in hospital settings, earning within the mid to senior salary grade range. The study revealed a high level of organizational climate, particularly in the role clarity aspect, though improvements are needed in the reward system domain. Additionally, job commitment among staff nurses was found to be high, especially in continuance commitment, but lower in affective commitment A significant positive relationship between organizational climate and job commitment was identified, suggesting that enhancing organizational climate can improve job commitment among staff nurses. Nonparametric regression indicated that organizational climate predicts job commitment, although a small portion of variation remains unexplained, implying potential influences from other factors.

Keywords: Nursing; Job commitment; Organizational climate; Government hospital; Davao De Oro; Philippines