Abstract. The rapid growth of technology has significantly influenced the purchasing behavior of Filipino consumers. Increased access to a wide range of products and services via online channels has diversified consumer buying patterns. This study explores the effects of online impulsive buying behavior on the allowances of Grade 12 ABM students in Manila within the context of prevalent online shopping. The researchers hypothesized that online impulsive buying behavior, influenced by price and distribution strategies, promotion, and product features, significantly impacts students' allowances. Using a quantitative approach and a self-designed survey questionnaire, the researchers collected and analyzed data using descriptive and inferential statistics, including Pearson’s Correlation coefficient. The results indicate that impulsive buying behavior does affect the allowances of Grade 12 ABM students in Manila. However, these specific factors play a minimal role, suggesting the presence of other influential factors. These findings could inform strategies to manage impulsive buying behavior among students, contributing to the field of consumer behavior and psychology. Future research should analyze students' spending patterns to provide insights into effective budgeting strategies.

Keywords: Purchasing behavior; Online impulsive buying behavior; Students; Allowance; Manila.