Abstract. This study aimed to investigate the impact of school administrators' leadership quality, organizational climate, and learning environment on teachers' innovativeness in elementary and secondary public schools in the Lagonglong District, Misamis Oriental Division. Employing a descriptive-correlational and causal research design, the study included public school teachers as participants. Data were collected using proportionate stratified random sampling and analyzed with descriptive statistics, correlational analysis, and multiple regression analysis. The findings revealed a highly positive educational landscape characterized by effective leadership, a supportive organizational climate, conducive learning environments, and a culture of innovation among teachers. Significant positive relationships were identified between school leaders' leadership quality, organizational climate, learning environment, and teachers' innovativeness. Enhanced leadership quality, a favorable organizational climate, and a nurturing school learning environment were associated with increased levels of teacher innovation. The study emphasized the importance of leadership development, creating positive climates, supportive learning environments, and fostering an innovative culture to achieve long-term educational excellence. Multiple regression analysis identified significant predictors of teachers’ innovativeness, with organizational climate being statistically significant. The results demonstrated the influential impact of quality leadership, organizational climate, and learning environment on teacher innovativeness in school settings. Effective communication and team building were key contributing factors to enhancing innovative teaching. Schools developed team-building activities, communication strategies, a common vision, and meaningful support to inspire and guide teachers in creating an environment conducive to innovative learning.

Keywords: Teacher innovativeness; School leadership; Organizational climate; Learning environment.