Abstract. This descriptive-correlational research was conducted to develop a proposed sustainability plan for Boracay Information Guide Application(BIG-A). The researcher used a researcher-made questionnaire to determine user satisfaction by evaluating the usability of BIG-A under three categories: accessibility, learnability, and operability. The results revealed that the users of the application are extremely satisfied with BIG-A. Also, it was found that there is no significant relationship between tourist demographics and user satisfaction with the usage of the app. Despite the extremely satisfactory rating of the mobile application, it is still essential for the Boracay Information Guide Application to be even more competitive to meet the demands of an ever-growing competitive tourism market. A proposed sustainability plan was crafted to ensure BIG-A’s stability and continuity. It was strategized into four categories: BIG-A’s Longevity and Maintenance, Community Support, Internal and External Funds, and Organizational Support. Presentation of the proposed sustainability plan to LGU-Malay and the stakeholders of Boracay Island is highly suggested.

Keywords: Tourist information guide; Boracay; Philippines.