Abstract. This study was conducted to determine the level of awareness, acceptability, relevance, and extent of agreement on the formulation of BISU-Candijay Campus’ vision, mission, goals, and objectives (VMGO) academic year 2022-2023 among students, faculty members, administrative staff, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders and the significant differences of their responses. A researcher-made questionnaire was designed from the VMGO of the university, and the new AACCUP Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) survey instrument. Data were gathered via Google form and were summarized using weighted mean and One-Way ANOVA as the main statistical treatment and Tukey HSD as post hoc analysis coded in the R statistical package. The findings of the study disclosed that the group of respondents were very much aware of the university’s VMGOs because of the different formats and platforms of dissemination to the concerned stakeholders. The university’s VMGO statements were favorable and fulfilled the interests and needs of the university’s stakeholders including external stakeholders for the quality of education. Stakeholders strongly affirmed that the university’s goals are consistent and are aligned with its mission. Further, the results of this study implied that students’ level of awareness, acceptability, and relevance vary significantly with the responses from alumni. It was concluded that BISU-Candijay Campus’ efforts and system in disseminating its vision, mission, goals, and program objectives are very effective in raising the different stakeholders’ awareness. The university’s VMGO was also well-formulated with the participation of concerned representatives in such a way that it was very highly accepted by the students, faculty, administrative staff, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders. It is recommended that BISU-Candijay Campus consider consistently delivering the VMGO for inspirational purposes, aiming to motivate and empower individuals to contribute to the university's success.

Keywords: Vision; Mission; Goals; Objectives; University.