Abstract. The study sought to evaluate the status of access, utilization, and satisfaction with the library resources, services, and facilities. Likewise, it ascertained if utilization has a significant relationship with satisfaction. A sample size of 351, representing 20% of the population, was selected through random sampling. The respondents were the 31 faculty members and 320 students who have visited the library. An online survey using a Google Form questionnaire was used. Data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean score, and Pearson's r. The study results showed that almost all faculty and student respondents have accessed the library's resources, services, and facilities. This effort resulted in a very high utilization and satisfaction level. Notedly, faculty members visit the library, avail varied services, and utilize resources in various formats as their primary tool, particularly in developing their course outline, preparing lectures, searching a topic for giving assignments/projects, preparing handouts for students, looking for supplementary reading material and knowing the variety of material available in the library to guide students. The library's high utilization and satisfaction rating create an excellent reputation attributed to its good service philosophy, relevant and appropriate physical set-up, and sufficient collection in quantity, depth, diversity, format, and currency to support the research and teaching mission of the institution.

Keywords: Access; Utilization; Satisfaction; Resources; Services; Facilities.