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Utilization of Different Learning Modalities in Teaching English in Secondary School: A Phenomenological Study


This research study delves into the lived experiences of high school students in a secondary school as they navigate different learning modalities in English language learning. The study aims to uncover the challenges, reflections, and interventions that arise during the pandemic period, the transition period, and the post-pandemic period. The research design employs descriptive phenomenology, which allows for an in-depth exploration of participants' experiences, while also employing thematic analysis to identify core ideas and themes. In the pandemic period, Modular Distance Learning (MDL) is the predominant modality, exposing students to challenges such as confusing lessons, difficulty in comprehending instructions, lack of English vocabulary, and communication barriers. Collaboration, critical thinking, and personal growth emerge as essential themes during this phase, with students using online resources for additional information and electronic devices for communication. Transitioning to Blended Learning in the transition period brings challenges related to language comprehension, transitioning between MDL and face-to-face (F2F) settings, complacency in MDL, time management, copying answers, and academic integrity. In the post-pandemic period, F2F learning offers immediate clarification and enhanced interaction. Challenges include initial unfamiliarity with activities, which is addressed by direct teacher communication and rapid grasp of activities through thorough instructions. The findings underscore the significance of communication, critical thinking, adaptation, and time management in English language learning across different modalities. The study recommends further research in comparative analysis of learning outcomes, long-term impact assessment, pedagogical strategies, teacher training, student perspectives, technology integration, and cross-cultural analysis. This research enriches educational practices and policy decisions, enabling effective English language learning in various learning modalities.

Keywords: English Language Teaching, Learning Modalities, Secondary Schools, Lived Experiences, Descriptive Phenomenology

Utilization of Different Learning Modalities in Teaching English in Secondary School: A Phenomenological Study