Research Article

Youth and Elections: Exploring Mobilization and Participation Influences

Fay Garneth L. Buscato, Jenilyn O. Entong, Angela Gabrielle B. Bacang*


This study delved into the nuanced factors influencing youth mobilization and participation during elections, particularly focusing on the Filipino context. Despite the recognition of youth involvement as pivotal for nation-building, concerns persist regarding the perceived apathy among Filipino youth towards electoral engagement. Employing a quantitative approach, this research utilized survey questionnaires to gauge the influence shaping the decisions of young voters. Randomly selected respondents from various barangays form the sample pool, providing insights into the factors driving or hindering youth mobilization. Surprisingly, the findings revealed that traditional influential factors fail to significantly impact youth mobilization and participation. Moreover, demographic characteristics such as age, gender, religion, education, and employment status demonstrate limited correlation with electoral engagement levels. These findings prompt a reevaluation of existing assumptions and highlight the need for targeted strategies to enhance youth participation in electoral processes while upholding the fundamental Right of Suffrage.

Keywords: Elections; Youth; Barangays; Youth mobilization; Youth participation; Young voters; Electoral engagement; Right of suffrage

Youth and Elections: Exploring Mobilization and Participation Influences

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